# Getting Started

New version

This is the documentation for Photo Sphere Viewer 4, which won't receive any new development. Please migrate to Photo Sphere Viewer 5 (opens new window).


Test Photo Sphere Viewer with you own panorama in the Playground

# Install Photo Sphere Viewer

# With npm or yarn

npm install photo-sphere-viewer

yarn add photo-sphere-viewer

# Via CDN

Photo Sphere Viewer is available on jsDelivr (opens new window)

# Manually

You can also download the latest release (opens new window)

# Dependencies

# Your first viewer

Include all JS & CSS files in your page manually or with your favorite bundler and init the viewer.

The panorama must be an equirectangular projection (opens new window) of your photo. Other modes are supported through adapters.

Cropped panoramas

If your image is not covering a full 360°×180° sphere, it will be deformed. You can fix it by providing cropping data.